Extra Curricular Activities


St Francis of Assisi has a strong history in sporting achievements. Physical fitness and health are a key part of a child's learning. Alongside our Physical Education classes, we also participate in many community sports including:

This is offered to students in Years 2-6 and is played on Friday afternoons at the ARC Campbelltown Leisure Centre.  Basketball is offered all year round with Season 1 (Term 1-2) and Season 2 (Term 3-4).

Cricket is offered to students in Years 2-6 and is played on Saturday mornings at Campbelltown Memorial Oval and at participating local primary school grounds.  Cricket is run by the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) and is offered in Term 1 and Term 4 only.

Football is offered to students in Years 2-6 and is played on Saturday mornings at Charles Campbell College, 3 Campbell Road, Paradise.  Football is run by SANFL.  Football is offered for the duration of the season in Terms 2-3.

Netball is offered to students in Years 2-6 and is played on Monday (Year 2/3) and Friday (Year 4-6) afternoons at Golden Grove Recreation Centre  Netball is offered all year round with Season 1 (Term 1-2) and Season 2 (Term 3-4).

Soccer is offered to students in Years 2-6 and is played at various times on Saturday mornings.  Soccer is run by Eastern Zone Primary Schools Soccer Association Incorporated. Soccer is offered for the duration of the season in Terms 2-3.

Other Extra Curricular programmes

Instrumental Music programme
Music education has been shown to improve language abilities, increase emotional resilience, increase empathy, increase attention span and focus and increase self-confidence. Independent music teachers offer instrumental lessons in Drums, Guitar, Violin and Piano to children of any year level, during school hours from beginner to advanced levels. Students are taught to read music, play songs and have fun learning music. 

Voice coaching
'Laugh Sing Dream' offer 30-minute voice lessons once per week in small groups to children from Years 1-7, during class time. This an excellent way to start for beginners as the style of coaching aims to build confidence, resilience, persistence, and organizational skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Students are taught vocal technique, repertoire, music theory concepts, and performance skills including choreography and microphone technique. 

'Chesslife' offer weekly lessons on Friday's at 11:30 am for students of all levels. Opportunities to participate in chess competitions from Under 8's. Besides learning some amazing chess skills, the many benefits include building friendships, time management skills, developing forward-thinking and strategic planning, learning to win humbly and lose with dignity and taking responsibility for actions. Register via Chesslife.

Children's University
Children’s University is an innovative, global program that engages children and young people in exciting learning opportunities to increase their chances for educational achievement and rewards them for taking responsibility for their learning. In addition, the learning opportunities benefit students in their families as the program enhances the communication, language, emotional and social development of the child.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact us.

Competitions and Carnivals

We participate in several competitions and carnivals run by SACPSSA and SAPSASA. These are conducted during school hours.

SAPSASA (South Australian Primary Schools Amateur Sports Association) Knockout Carnivals
St Francis of Assisi nominates for the Football, Netball and Soccer SAPSASA Knockout competitions each year. 

SACPSSA (South Australian Catholic Primary Schools Sport Association) Carnivals
St Francis of Assisi competes in several SACPSSA events throughout the year, including swimming, cross-country, European Handball and athletics. 

Sports Coordinator
Our whole school Sports Co-ordinator is Adrian Gatto.  He can be contacted on (08) 8178 9900 or via email.

Our Out of School Hours Sports Coordinator is Angela Abdilla.  She can be contacted on (08) 8178 9900 or via email.

Sport Results

We encourage brief reports on your team's sporting achievements.  If you would like this information posted on the School's Facebook page, please email sports@sfoa.catholic.edu.au