Children's University

Our students have the opportunity to be involved in Children’s University.

Children’s University is an innovative, global program that engages children and young people in exciting learning opportunities to increase their chances for educational achievement and rewards them for taking responsibility for their learning. In addition, the learning opportunities benefit students in their families as the program enhances the communication, language, emotional and social development of the child.

In partnership with the University of Adelaide, Children’s University aims to raise aspirations and develop a love of learning by issuing students with a ‘Passport to Learning’ which records their learning journey. After achieving the required number of hours of learning, the children are presented with certificates at a graduation ceremony held at the University of Adelaide. 

The activities in the program are voluntary; the children choose what to do and when, and the learning always has a connection to something they could study at a university later in life. So, for example, a learning activity at a football club could involve sports engineering, physiotherapy, management, teaching and sciences.

There are two types of Learning Destinations where activities can potentially be ‘validated’. A ‘public destination’ can be accessed by a passport holder or the general public such as a museum or library. A ‘restricted learning destination’ is for a predetermined Children’s University audience and are typically school-based clubs.

We are very excited to offer such a fantastic learning opportunity for our students. If your child would like to be involved in the Children's University, please contact us.


Our students have the opportunity to be involved in Children’s University.