Catholic Education South Australia



Let's Talk Finance 2022

We are excited to annouce the will be no increase to school fees in 2021 and we will continue to offer fee-free mid-year reception intake. 
2022 School Fees
The School Board has ratified the 2022 school fees and there has been no increase to the 2021 fees. 
For 2022, Year 5 Camp fees have been added to the fee billing to allow the cost to be spread over the whole year and the Year 6 fees include Camp and Senior Uniform cost, again to allow a spread over the full year. 
A payment plan agreement will be emailed to all families and hard copy sent home with the eldest child in the family on Wednesday 10th November. It is a Catholic Education requirement that we receive a completed fee payment commitment from each family by Friday 19th November 2021.
Year level Full fee Low income fee
Reception - Year 4 $2,990 $1,974
Year 5 $3,266 $1,954
Year 6 $3,266 $2,070
Mid-Year Reception $0 $0