Catholic Education South Australia


We value all kinds of parental involvement and encourage participation... the children really enjoy having their significant family members and others involved in the life of their school.

The success of our school community depends largely on the co-operation between students, their families and school staff members. Parents are encouraged to become involved in school activities and some areas in which you could be involved include:

  • Classroom activities
  • Excursions
  • Library assistance
  • Canteen
  • School sporting teams (as a coach, team manager or just helping out)

If you would like to help, please see your classroom teacher, Librarian or talk to the staff in the School Office.

Volunteers and Catholic Police Clearances

To ensure the safety of everyone in our school community, all volunteers are required to complete the following steps before being placed on our School's Volunteer register.

  1. Complete a Volunteers Declaration form (submit to front office)
  2. Complete a Volunteers Application Package (submit to front office)
  3. Complete the Online RAN (Responding to Abuse and Neglect) training course. Please use this link to register a Plink volunteer account  fill in your details and in the 'Select account type' select  'Volunteer' then select the "Responding to Abuse and Neglect online course for Volunteers". Upon completion of course the certificate will be emailed to you. Please provide a copy of the certificate to the school.
  4. Attend a Volunteer School Induction
  5. Provide a Current Catholic Police Clearance or DCSI Clearance. The Police Clearance can be organised by the school. Parents must present 100 points of ID (one with a photo) and all of the above documents for a clearance to be organised.