Early Learning

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Shining Stars
Occasional Care

Fridays Term 1 to Term 4

Sessions Available:

$55 Full Day
9:00am to 2:30pm

$35 Half Day
9:00am to 12:00pm

At St Francis of Assisi School, we acknowledge the  importance of early learning. Shining Stars is an initiative developed to help children grow social skills and language through creative play and to create a readiness for school. 

Children will be involved in activities that will support and enhance their social, emotional and academic well being. These activities will give children the opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills and concepts needed for pre-reading and writing.

We wish to offer all children an opportunity to be involved in a faith community from an early age and be supported in all areas of their academic journey.

To enrol your child in Shining Stars Occasional Care please fill in the expression of interest form or call the School Office on 8178 9900.

We trust this will be a wonderful learning experience for your child and look forward to your family joining the St Francis of Assisi community.