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From the Principal


The children and staff went to great efforts to get into the swing by dressing up as their favourite superhero or book character. There was a wonderful community feel present in the MPF yesterday and I thank everyone who contributed to making it such a great experience for the children. In particular, I’d like to thank Deb Harrip in the library who always goes out of her way to make BookWeek a great celebration for the children. I know Clark Kent was ‘Super’ impressed and was going to write a great article for the Daily Planet!

We are midway through the term and the place is a buzz with a number of events happening for classes across the school. We are currently offering the Bike Education program for our Senior students and they are loving the experience. Riding a bike is somewhat of a forgotten past time in this modern age but it is such great fun and something we can do for all our lives, not just as a child growing up. The students will be involved in a few weeks of skill based activities, culminating in some road riding experience under the guidance of instructors and teaching staff. This really is a program of great value!

We have had the opportunity to have an Artist in Residence Program at school for Term 3. Kane Sultan-Babij is an extremely talented and accomplished performer in the area of dance and has been working with our Year 5’s to choreograph an indigenous dance performance to be showcased at our ‘Groove to the Beat’ whole school concert on Wednesday 25th September. I suggest you make every effort to be there to see this performance along with all the other dance moves on display across the school on this night. The evening is fast approaching, so I hope you have put the date in your calendar. The show commences at 5:15pm and will conclude by 7pm so it will not be a late night for the family. We look forward to a great show!

In closing, a couple of reminders for families. We have a sushi day on August 29th. All orders must be placed via the QKR app by midnight on Monday 26th August. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take personal orders with any special lunch deals in the future. You can download the QKR App easily from your phone. A great majority of our schools across the system use this as the only payment method now so we encourage you to access this App as to help you make easy payments for school based invoices into the future.

Secondly, the Parents and Friends are hosting a Father’s Day stall next Friday 30th August. Details can be found in this newsletter.  Have a great BookWeek.

James Meiksans