Information sent home




Dear Parents and Caregivers

We have been privileged to have regular access to the Church Carpark during school pick up and drop off times for many years and are appreciative to the Parish in allowing our continued use of this space.


Effective from next Wednesday 15th May we will be changing the manner in which we use the Church carpark in the afternoons.


From Wednesday, no student from St Francis will be allowed to walk unsupervised into the Church Carpark area after school. This means that parents who park their vehicle in designated Church Carpark spaces will be required to enter the school grounds to pick their child/ren up. If you want to access a Kiss N Drop process your child must go to the shelter area next to the oval.  We have made this decision for a number of reasons.


  • First and foremost is for child safety – this means no child will be unsupervised in a carpark
  • Secondly – now that repairs to the MPF are complete, access to the school zone Kiss N Drop is much less congested
  • School Staff are on duty at all times at the Kiss N Drop area
  • There will be major roadworks commencing on the corner of Graves St and Newton Road later in the year


School Staff will be standing at the Church gate each day and no child will be allowed to exit the school grounds without a parent supervisor. We will be vigilant in this process and ask your cooperation in this matter. The children will have this explained to them and will understand the new process.


I understand that this change to pick-ups may cause some initial confusion but they are done with the ongoing wellbeing and safety of all children at the forefront of our thinking. Access to and from Graves Street and Newton Road is much easier from the School Kiss N Drop area and will make for less congestion at the Newton Road corner. I regularly do this duty and by 3:20pm on any given day access via the Kiss N Drop area is very easy with little or no congestion. Timing your run for a 3:20pm pick up 10 minutes after the bell will make the process much quicker for you on a daily basis. I thank you in anticipation of your cooperation as we introduce this change to afternoon school pick-ups.


Kind Regards 

James Meiksans Principal – 13th May 2019



For Parents / Guardians of Students

2019 Student Residential Address and Other Information collection Notice


Dear Parents and Caregivers

Yesterday we received the attached letter from the Australian Government regarding Data Collection and its direct correlation to future school funding.

Please take the time to read the attached information regarding the data collection.

As you will read in the documentation, the Commonwealth Government will use residential addresses, as one means to ensure that the funding for each school is reflective of the community need and is fair and transparent.

What we need you to do is to ensure that your current residential address information that the school holds is correct. If there is a family separation the details for both parents is required. The information can be updated on the school web site - Contact us /Change of Information or by phoning the Office staff.

Your information matters and helps determine the funding we get for the education of your child.

I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely

James Meiksans


19 th Feb 2019